Switches, Circuit Breakers, Isolator and Enclosure

Switches, Circuit Breakers, Isolator and Enclosure
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PVC Link Junction box 155x115x80

PVC Link Junction box 155x115x80IP66..

S$1.60 EA

12 sets available

13A Plug in ELCB

Britz 13A Plug in ELCB (10mA)RCD Adaptor is suitable to use with most electrical appliances or tools..

S$22.90 pcs

10 sets available

4P16A Female Industrial Plug

4P16A Female IP Industrial Plug ..

S$1.20 Pcs

40 sets available

4P16A Male Industrial Plug

4P16A Male IP Industrial Plug ..

S$1.50 Pack

40 sets available

4P20A T&J Isolator-Grey

4P20A T&J Isolator-Grey..

S$9.30 Pcs

31 sets available

4P32A Female Industrial Plug

4P32A Female IP Industrial Plug..

S$1.20 Pcs

36 sets available

4P32A Male Industrial Plug

4P32A Male IP Industrial Plug..

S$1.50 Pcs

36 sets available

4P35A T&J Isolator-Grey

4P35A T&J Isolator-Grey..

S$11.80 Pcs

66 sets available

4P63A T&J Isolator-Grey

4P63A T&J Isolator-Grey..

S$23.10 Pcs

152 sets available

5P16A Female Industrial Plug

5P16A Female IP Industrial Plug..

S$1.50 1

27 sets available

5P16A Male Industrial Plug

5P16A Male IP Industrial Plug ..

S$1.50 Pcs

6 sets available

ABB 20A 4 Pole Isolator WSD420 IP66

ABB WSD420 20A 4 Pole Isolator IP66 ..

S$13.00 Piece

50 sets available

ABB CRS213 - 2 x13A RCD S/S/O

ABB  CRS213 - 2 Gang 13A  30mA RCD Switched Socket..

S$70.00 Per Set

24 sets available

Britz HTN315 Industrial Plug

Britz (HTN315) Industrial Plug..

S$250.00 Set

3 sets available

Extension Socket with 4 USB Charger

T&J Extension Socket with 4 USB Charger ..

S$19.00 Pcs

20 sets available